W W Woodbury Elementary School

Sandwich, Illinois

Gift Certificate Purchase

Gift certificates are a convenient choice if you prefer using a credit card instead of sending cash with your child. Additionally, you can email family and friends to sponsor your child. Sponsors can purchase gift certificates online that will be emailed directly back to you for your child to use at the holiday shop. If you have multiple children attending the same school, please add a certificate for each child.

Spread the Festive Cheer

As we approach this festive season, we cherish the tradition of every child experiencing the delight of selecting a special gift at our holiday shop. Yet, we recognize that not all families can readily join in. With our “Spread the Festive Cheer” initiative, you can anonymously bestow this joy ensuring that no child is left out of this heartwarming tradition.

Sponsor a Student

Please specify how you'd like your gift to be used—whether for a specific student or wherever it's most needed.

Sponsor Multiple Students or a Classroom

Please indicate your preference—be it a specific classroom or whoever needs it most.

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